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Discover an AI-Powered Website Optimization Tool

Intellimize is a website optimization platform that combines AI-driven optimization, A/B testing, and rules-based personalization to provide highly personalized experiences for website visitors.

Tailored Website Experiences with Intellimize

Intellimize uses AI called Optimize to analyze visitor behaviors and adjust website content in real-time, creating unique and personalized experiences for each visitor without relying on first or third-party data.

Quick Learning and Adaptation

Intellimize allows for rapid experimentation and adaptation by launching multiple variations of marketing ideas within minutes. It uses generative AI to generate copy suggestions, ensuring fresh and engaging marketing content.

Celebrate Your Success

Intellimize enables you to quantify the effects of your experiments and gain insights on how well your content performs across different user segments. It boasts a 25x faster optimization process and an average 15% increase in page goals.

A Partner in Your Success

The customer success team at Intellimize provides support through various means and offers guided onboarding and a rich content library. They also offer professional services with Strategic and Analytic CRO experts.

What Users Are Saying

Users have praised Intellimize for its valuable features and excellent support team, citing significant lifts in website conversions. Real-life success stories include a 34% lift in new account sign-ups and over a 40% increase in digital transactions.

In Summary

Intellimize is a comprehensive website optimization tool that uses AI to personalize website experiences. It offers rapid testing and iteration, various user support channels, and aims to be a conversion catalyst for digital marketers.