AI Assist by airfocus

Welcome to the world of seamless product management with airfocus AI Assist

Discover how airfocus AI Assist can enhance your product management experience by simplifying tasks, boosting creativity, and speeding up workflows.

Enhance Your Product Management Experience

airfocus AI Assist simplifies product management by providing prompts, suggestions, and guidance within the context of your product management platform.

Smart Prompting

Get prompts, suggestions, and guidance tailored to your product management tasks.

Boost Creativity

Overcome writer's block and generate new ideas with AI-generated suggestions.

Speed Up Workflows

Accelerate your workflow and move from ideation to execution more efficiently.

A Tailored Experience for Product Managers

AI Assist is optimized for product managers, offering intuitive prompts that fit seamlessly into item descriptions and comments.

How AI Assist Works

Trigger AI Assist with a simple command within the airfocus platform. It blends naturally into your product management activities, enhancing focus and productivity.


  • Enhances decision-making with AI-powered suggestions
  • Simplifies task management and prioritization
  • Boosts creativity with instant idea generation
  • Integrates seamlessly with the airfocus platform


  • Relies on good input from the user to generate relevant output
  • May have a learning curve for those new to AI tools
  • Limited by the quality and development of AI technology

In summary

airfocus AI Assist is reshaping product management by offering a powerful AI tool that simplifies tasks, boosts creativity, and integrates seamlessly with the airfocus platform. Try AI Assist for free and experience the benefits of having an AI ally in your product management.