AI assistant for product teams

Meet Your AI Product Assistant

In the bustling world of product management and development, time is everything. The AI Product Assistant is designed to enhance productivity by minimizing time spent on mundane tasks.

Key Features of the AI Product Assistant

  • Quick Information Retrieval
  • Effortless Document Creation
  • Summaries for Better Insight

Committed to Your Privacy

Collato prioritizes user privacy and ensures the security of your data through SOC 2 certification and GDPR compliance.

Ultimate Control with Self-Hosted Option

Collato provides the option to self-host your own AI assistant for additional control and security.

Real User Experiences

Users have praised the AI Product Assistant for its transformative impact on time-saving and productivity.

Wrapping Up

The AI Product Assistant by Collato is an invaluable resource for professionals, streamlining product management and safeguarding valuable information.