AI generated models for fashion ecommerce

Discover the Revolution in Fashion Photography: Botika

In the world of online retail, captivating product images are crucial for success. Botika is an AI-powered solution designed to help fashion retailers reduce photo production costs while still offering visually stunning product displays.

Transforming On-Model Photos

Botika allows users to elevate their existing on-model photos to professional images quickly and efficiently. Users can upload images from any angle or pose, including headless photos, without compromising on image quality.

Access to Exceptional Models

Botika provides access to a diverse portfolio of AI-generated models without any licensing restrictions. Retailers can choose the perfect match for their products.

Background Swaps and Lifestyle Imagery

Botika makes it easy to switch out backgrounds, transforming standard studio shots into dynamic editorial images. This flexibility allows retailers to create lifestyle photos that resonate with their brand image and target audience.

Boosting the Standard of Homemade Photos

Botika helps convert homemade photos into top-notch product images that attract and please customers.

The Verdict from Users

Botika has received enthusiastic approval from retailers for its output quality, ease of use, and exceptional customer service.

Affordable Pricing that Scales

Botika offers straightforward and scalable pricing plans to suit different business needs, including a Starter Plan, Pro Plan, and Studio Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective users often have questions about the credit system, which is used to submit photos for editing. Each credit corresponds to one product photo edit.


Botika is an outstanding tool for fashion retailers, streamlining the photo creation process with its professional photo creation, extensive model selection, and flexible background options.