AI helper with ChatGPT models

Introducing NovaTexter: Your AI-Powered Content Creation Assistant

Are you tired of spending hours crafting content for social media, emails, and chats? NovaTexter is here to help! It's an AI-powered tool that generates content ideas in seconds, making your content creation process faster and more efficient.

Getting Started with NovaTexter

  1. Installation: Install NovaTexter in your Chrome browser.
  2. Command Library: Explore the prompt command library to enhance your content creation.
  3. Docs: Visit the documentation for more detailed information about NovaTexter features.

Benefits of NovaTexter


  • Boost Productivity: Save time and create content more efficiently.
  • Versatile: Use NovaTexter on various platforms.
  • Easy to Use: Simple commands unlock the power of ChatGPT models.


  • Limited to Chrome: Currently available only for Chrome users.

If you want to supercharge your content creation process and maximize productivity, NovaTexter is the perfect tool for you. Start using NovaTexter today to simplify your workflow and effortlessly create stunning content.