AI Mail Assistant

Simplify Your Email Experience with AI Mail Assistant

An innovative new tool called AI Mail Assistant is here to streamline your communication and transform the way you handle your emails.

Efficient Email Response Generation

The AI Mail Assistant allows you to produce answers to your emails quickly, saving you time and effort.

Quick Email Summarization

Long email threads can be condensed into brief summaries with just one click, helping you get to the main points of the conversation faster.

Real-time Translation

The translation feature can convert emails into 13 different languages, facilitating clearer communication across linguistic barriers.

Writing and Grammar Improvement

The 'Improve Draft' function helps fix grammatical errors and polishes your writing to ensure professional emails.

Sarcasm, Discrimination, and Ethics Analysis

The AI Mail Assistant can scrutinize emails for ethical concerns, guiding you towards better, more respectful correspondence.

Direct ChatGPT Interaction

You can ask ChatGPT directly from your inbox for quick answers or information, without needing a separate OpenAI account.

Installing and Privacy

Installing the AI Mail Assistant is easy, and the creators prioritize privacy and security by requiring minimal access permissions and having a data processing agreement in place with OpenAI.

For more information on privacy, you can review their privacy policy or reach out to the developers via their website.


AI Mail Assistant is a valuable tool that saves you time and helps you focus on what truly matters by simplifying your email experience.