AI-powered release notes generator

Revolutionize Your Release Notes Creation with AI

Tired of spending hours compiling release notes for software updates? Our AI-powered tool simplifies the process and saves you time.


  • Simplified Release Process: Generate comprehensive release notes with just a few clicks.
  • Improved Productivity: Focus on core tasks and increase efficiency.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Gather commit messages from multiple contributors in a unified format.

How it Works

  1. Connect with Github: Access your repository and select the project for release notes.
  2. Select your commits: Choose the commit messages to include in the release notes.
  3. Generate Release Notes: Our AI-powered generator creates comprehensive release notes.


Scalable plans for every team size and budget:

  • Free: 3 release notes per month, 2 commits each, Email Support
  • Starter: €12/month, 40 release notes per month, 5 commits each, Priority email support
  • Pro: €20/month, 80 release notes per month, 10 commits each, Priority email support


"ReleasesNotes simplifies the manual process of compiling release notes and tracking code changes. It empowers developers with an automated solution." - Quentin Fontenay, Releases Notes Inc.

Get Started

Try our AI-powered release notes generator for free and experience increased productivity and speed in your software updates.


Who is ReleasesNotes for? ReleasesNotes is designed for developers and development teams who need an efficient solution for creating release notes.

Is ReleasesNotes suitable for all types of software development projects? Yes, ReleasesNotes caters to various software development projects, including web applications, mobile apps, and desktop software.

Which version control systems does ReleasesNotes integrate with? ReleasesNotes seamlessly integrates with Github.


  • Saves time by automating release note creation
  • Improves collaboration among team members
  • Simplifies tracking and communicating software updates


  • May not integrate with all version control systems
  • Free plan has limited features, may not meet needs of growing businesses