AIGUR Generative AI for Teams

A streamlined solution for teams to build, collaborate, deploy, and manage Generative AI projects.

Create with Ease

Design sophisticated AI flows without coding knowledge using the intuitive NoCode editor. Choose from templates or start from scratch.

Collaboration on Demand

Real-time collaboration within the NoCode Editor, allowing input and insights from team members.

Feedback Integration

Instant generation of a 'mini-app' to gather feedback quickly and seamlessly.

Easy Integration

Simple API call to integrate flows into existing applications.

Streamlined Monitoring

Sophisticated monitoring tools to track executions, costs, performance, and availability.

Comprehensive Management

Implement control measures like banning abusers, throttling access, and constraining access from specified regions.

Fine-Tuning and Deployment

Tweak and deploy AI flows smoothly in a staging environment, with the flexibility to rollback changes.


AIGUR Generative AI for Teams is a robust tool that simplifies the creation of AI flows, encourages collaboration, and streamlines the process from concept to deployment. While it may lack advanced customization and uniqueness in certain projects, its potential for feedback accommodation and flow fine-tuning outweigh these concerns.

Explore more about the platform and start crafting AI flows for free.