Unleash Your Creativity with

Turn your thoughts into stunning images with, a user-friendly software for Windows PC that allows artists and enthusiasts to bring their visual concepts to life.

Quick and Simple Setup

Download and unpack the software, then run the program to start creating art.

AI at Your Fingertips

Describe your vision and let the AI generate the images for you, even for commercial use.

Built for Ease of Use is designed to be powerful yet easy to install and use, with a Discord community for feedback and suggestions.

Iterations at the Speed of Light

Experiment and tweak your artwork quickly until it feels just right.

System Requirements

Windows 10, NVIDIA graphics card (series 1XXX, 20XX, or 30XX), and at least 12 GB of available disk space.

Open Source Innovation is built using the free version of Unity Game Engine and plans to become open source under the MIT license.

Stay Tuned for Sharing Features

Soon, you'll be able to share your graphics card capabilities with friends and access your AI art studio from your phone.

Explore the gallery to see examples of artwork created in just 6 seconds.

Meet the Mind Behind

Sunija, a game developer based in Munich, created to democratize AI art and make it accessible to everyone.


Special thanks to, Lincoln Stein, Unity Game Engine, Mirkus, and 2MinutePapers for their contributions and support.

Embark on Your Artistic Journey

Visit the website to learn more and download the software to unleash your creativity.