Asqme AI

Unlock the Potential of Your PDFs with

In today's digital age, is a transformative tool that turns static PDFs into interactive chatbots, enhancing the way you access and interact with information.

Simplifying the Process

The process to convert PDFs into chatbots is straightforward:

  • Submit Your PDFs
  • Activate the AI
  • Engage with Your Chatbot

Advanced Features for Superior Interaction offers advanced features for interacting with data:

  • Intelligent Learning Chatbot
  • Real-Time Audio Responses
  • Visual and Auditory Interaction

Full Control and Transparency provides control and transparency through White Box Q&As.

Common Queries Answered

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How is different?

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Getting Started

Getting on board with is easy. Join the waitlist and get a free month for early adopters.

Pros and Cons


  • Dynamic interaction with static PDF content
  • Audio and visual features for an engaging user experience
  • Learning capability that improves over time
  • User control over Q&A processes


  • Learning curve for setting up and managing the chatbot
  • Reliance on the quality of input PDF data

Conclusion is an AI-powered tool that enhances interaction with data by creating responsive and smart chatbots. It offers ease of use, transparency, and intelligent interaction, making it a game-changer in data accessibility.