Backtrack: A Time Machine for Your Conversations

Backtrack is a tool designed to help individuals in various fields keep track of important details from their meetings and conversations. It allows users to record meetings backwards, salvaging audio and screen content from the past. With local capturing, users can preview and customize what they want to save. Backtrack also offers instant sharing and AI-powered note-taking, generating transcripts and summaries to eliminate the need for real-time note-taking. The tool supports various meeting platforms and has been praised by professionals from different sectors.

Pros and Cons of Backtrack


  • Captures forgotten moments
  • Reduces the need for manual note-taking
  • Enhances productivity during meetings
  • Provides AI-generated summaries


  • May require adjustment for users accustomed to traditional note-taking
  • Potential privacy concerns if users forget they're being recorded
  • Seems tailored for Mac users

An Innovative Solution for Preserving Important Discussions

Backtrack ensures that every important detail from meetings and conversations is recorded, remembered, and easily retrievable. It offers a reliable assistant for staying in sync with colleagues and clients, making it a valuable tool in today's digital work culture.