Discovering the Magic of Image Enlargement with Bigjpg

In the digital age, high-resolution images are in high demand. Bigjpg is an AI-powered tool that can enlarge small, pixelated photos while maintaining their quality.

What Makes Bigjpg Stand Out?

Bigjpg uses advanced Deep Convolutional Neural Networks to reduce noise and maintain image clarity. It preserves lines, colors, and overall fidelity with minimal artifacts.

Quality Tailored for Animated and Illustrative Graphics

Bigjpg excels at handling anime images and illustrations, retaining vibrant colors, details, and sharp edges.

Simple Integration for Developers

Bigjpg offers an API service for easy integration into workflows or applications.

User-Friendly Enlargement Limits and Speed

Free users can upload images up to 3000x3000 pixels and 5MB, while paid users can enlarge images up to 50MB. Processing time varies, but estimated time indicators are provided.

Handling Enlargement Issues and History

If an enlargement fails, users can try again. The tool also allows users to view their enlargement history.

Benefits for Paid Users

Paid users have higher image size limits and access to independent servers for faster and more stable enlargements.

Respecting User Privacy

User images and results are automatically deleted from servers after five days. Image links are encrypted for added security.

Optimal Server Selection for Faster Downloads

Users can switch to a United States server for improved download performance.


Bigjpg is a powerful tool for enlarging images without sacrificing quality. It is suitable for professional artists and social media enthusiasts alike.