Blockade Labs Skybox

Discover Skybox AI by Blockade Labs

Blockade Labs has released Skybox AI, a tool aimed at enhancing virtual environments through artfully generated skies.

Understanding Skybox AI

Skybox AI creates 360-degree images to provide realistic backdrops for virtual scenes without intricate details.

What's New?

The recent update includes features such as liking skyboxes, canceling generation mid-way, and a World Mesh alpha preview.

Features and Use

Skybox AI is user-friendly and beneficial for game developers, animators, and 3D modelers who need realistic environmental backgrounds.

Accessibility and Output Options

Skybox AI is free to use, with a premium membership option for additional features. The output format is a JPG file of the unwrapped equirectangular skybox.


Skybox AI does not export true HDRIs with 32-bit depth, but the generated images can be adjusted to function similarly.


Skybox AI is a creative companion for 3D modelers and game developers, offering simplicity and sophistication in crafting immersive backdrops.

For more information, visit Blockade Labs' website.