Getting Started with Research

Discover insights and trends with Boba:

  • Automatically search and analyze online content
  • Summarize important texts
  • Uncover industry-specific trends and public opinions

Ideation and Scenario Exploration

Map out possible futures and strategic paths:

  • Generate opportunities and threats
  • Evaluate plausibility and probability of scenarios
  • Create detailed examples and storyboards

Scenario Building

Craft scenarios for creative thinking:

  • Inspire new product ideas
  • Test resilience and desirability of concepts
  • Inform long-term planning with contextualized scenarios

Brainstorming Strategies

Align AI-generated strategies with business objectives:

  • Navigate potential corporate and marketing strategies
  • Pose questions and prompts to refine strategic directions

The Art of Storyboarding

Visualize scenarios through storyboards:

  • Sketch out customer journeys
  • Personalize the script for targeted narratives
  • Adjust styles and illustrations for customized output

Boba can provide unique perspectives and amplify creativity for tasks like enhancing guest experiences, accelerating drug discovery, and visualizing the future of payment systems. Explore and discover how Boba can serve your specific needs.