Simplifying Your Text Editing and Translation Needs

Introducing Bulk Corrector, a tool that streamlines text editing and translation tasks.

Editing Made Easy

Bulk Corrector can handle large amounts of text at once, eliminating the need to split it into smaller sections.

Comprehensive Translations

Bulk Corrector not only corrects grammar and spelling errors but also offers bulk translations with advanced AI.

Tailored to Your Needs

Custom prompts allow for a personalized AI experience.

Transparent Pricing Structure

Choose between a free plan with limitations or a premium plan with unlimited features.

Designed with Passion

Bulk Corrector is crafted with care and attention to detail.

Pros and Cons of Bulk Corrector

Pros: time-saving, personalized AI, transparent pricing, user-friendly interface, large input capability.

Cons: premium plan is paid, limited history access in free version, requires internet connection.


Bulk Corrector simplifies text editing and translation tasks by handling large amounts of text at once. It offers comprehensive translations with advanced AI and can be tailored to individual needs with custom prompts. The tool has a transparent pricing structure with a free plan and a premium plan. While it has pros such as time-saving and a user-friendly interface, there are cons like the premium plan being paid and limited history access in the free version. Overall, Bulk Corrector is a game-changer for anyone working with large volumes of text.