Meet Your New AI Fitness Team at BurnBacon

BurnBacon offers personalized guidance for your fitness and well-being with the help of an innovative AI-powered fitness team.

Nourish Your Body with Mia the Chef

Mia the Chef provides customized meal plans to suit your taste buds and nutritional needs.

Elevate Your Fitness with Ben the Coach

Ben the Coach tailors workout routines and provides professional advice to help you reach your personal fitness goals.

Find Motivation with Ella the Mentor

Ella the Mentor offers support and positivity to help you stay on track with your fitness commitments.

Expert Nutrition with Lucas the Dietitian

Lucas the Dietitian combines expert nutrition advice with science-based diet strategies to guide your weight loss journey.

Rest Well with Sophia the Sleep Expert

Sophia the Sleep Expert provides personalized sleep solutions to help you unwind and wake up refreshed.

Stay Active with Oliver the Activity Pal

Oliver the Activity Pal suggests new and exciting activities to keep your fitness routine interesting.

A Personalized Health Journey

BurnBacon offers AI-driven coaches that align fitness and nutrition plans with your specific needs and aspirations.

Your Daily Dose of Motivation

BurnBacon's AI coaches motivate and celebrate your wins to keep you on track towards your health goals.

Results Backed by Science

BurnBacon combines the latest health insights with sophisticated AI technology to ensure you achieve and sustain your goals.

Plans for Every Ambition

BurnBacon offers personalized guidance from six AI coaches for €4.99/month, with additional features in the €9.99 plan.

Visit BurnBacon's website to learn more and sign up for an account.