Crisper Text Display

The tool improves text display by making it clearer and more legible across different browsers.

Improved Navigation Accessibility

Focus state styles are introduced to make it easier for keyboard users to navigate through the website.

Formatting Rich Text Elements

Unnecessary margins on rich text elements are eliminated for a neater appearance and enhanced readability.

Enhancing Interaction

The tool allows for the control of interactive elements on a webpage, enabling or disabling click and hover interactions.

Proportionate Square Divisions

A specific class can be applied to create perfect square spaces within a webpage.

Text Clipping

Text can be automatically truncated with an ellipsis after a certain number of lines to maintain a tidy layout.

Flexibility in Display

Inline flex displays can be set to arrange elements correctly and enhance the design.

Responsive Visibility

Classes are available to hide elements based on screen width, allowing for tailored content for different devices.

Clean Spacing

Classes are provided to reset margin and padding, offering precise design control.

Consistency in Typography

Typography styles can be inherited from parent elements to ensure consistency across the webpage.