Discover CareerPen: Your AI-Assisted Cover Letter Creator

Job hunting can be overwhelming, but CareerPen is here to help. This browser extension creates personalized cover letters for any job advertisement by using your LinkedIn profile.

Personalized Cover Letters with Ease

CareerPen analyzes job descriptions and syncs with your LinkedIn profile to create customized cover letters that highlight your skills and experiences for each specific job.

A Swift Solution

CareerPen allows you to send well-crafted cover letters within minutes, saving you time and allowing you to apply to more jobs without compromising quality.

Uncomplicated and Accessible

Using CareerPen is easy - simply click a button next to a LinkedIn job post to generate a cover letter. For jobs outside LinkedIn, you can copy and paste the job post text onto the CareerPen dashboard.

Security Matters

CareerPen is secure and open source, ensuring your online security. You can use the service without adding the extension for added flexibility and security.

Affordable Options for Everyone

CareerPen offers flexible pricing options with one-time payments, eliminating the need for subscriptions. Choose from the Starter Pack, Pro Pack, or Premium Pack based on your needs.

Additional Features

CareerPen is continuously improving and will soon offer responses for HR survey questions encountered during the LinkedIn 'Quick Apply' process. This streamlines the application process and allows you to send more quality applications.

Privacy and Contact

CareerPen only retains necessary public data from your LinkedIn profile and does not sell your data. Contact CareerPen for more information or to share suggestions.

Contact CareerPen through their available channels: LinkedIn and TikTok.