Discover the Ease of AI Chatbots with ChatFast

ChatFast is a modern solution that integrates cutting-edge technology into your everyday customer interactions. This platform allows you to create custom AI chatbots without coding.

Your All-in-One Platform

ChatFast provides features to create GPT-powered chatbots tailored for your brand. You can teach your bot using various data sources, revise responses, capture leads, and use a smart forms builder.

Why Choose ChatFast?

ChatFast engages with website visitors using nuanced understanding to offer customized user journeys. It provides 24/7 customer support, interactive conversations, lead generation, and helps achieve business objectives.

Getting Started with ChatFast

To deploy ChatFast's AI chatbot on your website, upload files, process data, and embed the chatbot on your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ChatFast? ChatFast is a versatile platform that enables you to develop a GPT chatbot using your specific data.

Can the chatbot answer questions outside my data? By default, the chatbot focuses on the provided data, but adjustments can be made.

What data formats are supported? ChatFast accepts plain text, PDFs, and website URLs.

Can ChatFast chatbots be multilingual? Yes, these chatbots understand and communicate in over 95 languages.

Is there an API available? ChatFast offers API access on paid plans to integrate the chatbot into your system.

Why is ChatFast unique? ChatFast can be trained on diverse data, incorporate custom Q&A, gather visitor details, and provide analytic insights.

For assistance, you can connect with support at

In summary, ChatFast is a sophisticated tool that equips you with the convenience of AI without the need for technical know-how. It enhances your visitors' experience, captures leads effectively, and contributes to fulfilling your business goals.