ChatGPT for Gmail

Discover the Power of AI in Your Inbox with ChatGPT for Gmail

Emailing can be time-consuming, but ChatGPT for Gmail is a Chrome extension that uses artificial intelligence to enhance your email interactions.

Transformative Features for Email Productivity

ChatGPT for Gmail offers several features to streamline your email routine:

  • Subject Line Generation: Automatically generate compelling subject lines based on the email content.
  • Varied Subject Line Options: Receive multiple subject line variations to choose from.
  • Content Creation: Let the AI develop the email content starting from a subject line.
  • Readability and Spam Score: Check the readability and potential spam score of your emails in real-time.
  • Rewrite for Clarity: Improve the clarity and readability of your emails with the rewriting feature.
  • Custom Prompts: Use unlimited custom prompts to create creative and tailored emails.
  • Thread Summarization: Get concise summaries of lengthy email threads for quick insights.
  • Custom Replies: Craft personalized responses within the context of an email thread.

Understanding the Technology Behind the Tool

ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI that can understand and generate text like human conversation. It's trained on extensive text data and proficient in various natural language processing tasks.

Accessibility and Ease of Use

ChatGPT for Gmail is accessible without an existing ChatGPT or OpenAI account. The tool was developed by independently of OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT with Gmail.

User Experiences

While many users find ChatGPT for Gmail valuable, there is room for improvement based on feedback. Users have mentioned the need for specific greetings to prevent text from getting obscured and the desire for multi-language functionality. is actively working to address these challenges.


ChatGPT for Gmail is a powerful tool for professionals and individuals looking to improve their email communication. With AI-powered features, you can approach email writing with confidence and efficiency.

Explore and learn more about this extension in the Chrome Web Store for a smarter emailing experience.