ChatGPT for your website

Integrating AI Chat Assistance on Your Website

Learn how to set up an AI chat solution on your website to streamline customer interactions and improve efficiency.

Starting with the Basics

Get started by choosing the right plan that suits your needs and operations.

Choosing the Right Plan

Consider the Starter Plan, Basic Plan, or Enterprise Plan based on your requirements and budget.

Account Setup

Create an account on the AI chat tool's website by signing up with your email address.

Customizing Your AI Chatbot

Teach your chatbot about your business by inputting your website's URL and let the AI analyze the content.

Learning from Your Page

The AI will create a knowledge base from your website's content to assist visitors with their questions.

Capturing Leads

The AI can identify potential leads and prompt them for their contact information, which is then forwarded to your email.


Install the AI chat assistant on your website by accessing the provided script and customizing its appearance and position.

Benefits in Action

Experience the benefits of AI chat assistance, including speedy responses and enhanced conversion rates.

Speedy Responses

Expect rapid responses from your AI chatbot to ensure customers are not kept waiting.

Enhanced Conversion Rates

Chatbots can improve conversion rates by providing interactive engagement with visitors.

Overcoming Obstacles

Be aware of bot limitations and the need for human intervention in complex customer service issues.

Advanced Features

Paid plans offer real-time analysis of customer interactions for gaining insights and adapting strategies.