Say Hello to the Midjourney Prompts Generator!

Introducing the Midjourney Prompts Generator, a tool powered by ChatGPT that provides creative prompts for the Midjourney text-to-image app.

How It Works

Simply fill in the fields with your preferences, and the tool will generate a custom prompt for you to use on Midjourney. Customize the subject, number of subjects, color, actions, objects, location, background, and aspect ratio of the image. Click "Generate Prompt" to instantly create a unique prompt.

Why Use the Midjourney Prompts Generator?

Creating engaging prompts can be challenging and time-consuming. This tool saves you time and effort by generating high-quality prompts instantly. It eliminates writer's block and allows you to focus on creating stunning images.


  • Easy to use, saving time
  • Customizable prompts for specific needs
  • Regularly updated with the best prompts


  • Requires an internet connection
  • Limited color options in the free version

Try the Midjourney Prompts Generator today for a smoother, more creative Midjourney experience!