Discover the Power of Custom AI Chatbots with ChatShape

ChatShape offers businesses the ability to integrate AI-powered chatbots onto their websites effortlessly, providing instant customer support, automating lead collection, and increasing conversions.

Transform Your Customer Support

ChatShape equips you with an AI Customer Support Agent that operates 24/7, ensuring that your customers' queries are addressed instantly.

Lead Collection Made Easy

Setting up a ChatShape chatbot allows for the automatic collection of leads from customer conversations, enriching your potential sales funnel and providing valuable insights.

Stand Out with Customization

ChatShape offers highly customizable chatbots, allowing you to align the chatbot's branding, color, and tone with your company's identity.

Drive Up Your Conversion Rates

ChatShape chatbots interact with users, guide them, and resolve their issues, leading to a better customer journey and boosting conversion rates.

How ChatShape Works

  • Visit ChatShape and provide the link to your website.
  • The platform's crawler reviews all the visible text on your page to train your custom chatbot.
  • Customize the chatbot to match your brand and preferences.
  • Embed the chatbot by adding a simple script tag to your website's HTML.

Manage Leads and Analytics

ChatShape allows the integration of an email input form within the chat interface, enabling lead collection and providing customer analytics.

Continuously Update Your AI

ChatShape allows you to update your chatbot's responses and prompting instructions, tailoring the AI to cater to your customers with increasing precision.

FAQs on ChatShape Features

  • Understanding Limits: The maximum number of sources to create a bot varies depending on your plan.
  • Incorporating Custom Data: You can enhance the chatbot with custom data beyond what's on your website.
  • Adding Large Data Volumes: Customers can request the addition of substantial datasets or custom integrations.


ChatShape revolutionizes the way businesses interact with their customers online by automating responses and engaging with users on websites, saving time and resources while maintaining customer satisfaction and engagement.

Pricing and plan details can be accessed directly from ChatShape's website for those interested in exploring the possibilities of their custom AI chatbots.