Unleashing the Power of AI in Crafting Your Application Essay with CHCKR

Crafting a compelling and well-structured essay is a critical step in the quest for admission to prestigious institutions. Enter CHCKR, an AI-powered tool designed to enhance your essay writing prowess. Geared towards leveling the academic playing field, it offers immediate scoring, insightful feedback, and practical advice to refine your narrative.

Insightful Essay Analysis

CHCKR evaluates your essay's structure, flow, syntax, and grammar to ensure a robust and logically sequenced narrative with seamless transitions and cohesive storytelling.

Constructive Feedback and Recommendations

CHCKR provides explicit, tailor-made feedback, identifying issues and offering recommendations to improve topic consistency, narrative conflicts, textual inefficiencies, and word choices.

In-depth Writing Guidance

CHCKR offers detailed recommendations with concrete examples, evolving with each iteration of your essay to highlight critical areas needing attention.

Advanced AI Technology at Work

CHCKR is powered by over 50 proprietary machine learning models and natural language processing algorithms, providing highly individualized suggestions based on the analysis of successful and unsuccessful essays.

Live Editing and Iterative Enhancement

CHCKR allows real-time editing and instant assessment of the impact on scores, enabling iterative enhancements for a polished essay.

Clear Summary Reports

CHCKR compiles a concise report detailing strengths and areas for improvement, serving as a strategic guide for subsequent revisions to optimize essay quality.

Accessibility and Support

CHCKR is accessible with a one-time payment of $9.99, offering unlimited iterations and customized pricing options for group memberships. Support from the CHCKR team is available seven days a week via email.


CHCKR is an AI-powered tool that empowers students in crafting impactful essays. It provides insightful analysis, constructive feedback, in-depth guidance, and utilizes advanced AI technology. With live editing and clear summary reports, CHCKR offers accessibility and support for refining essays. It also contributes to humanitarian efforts by donating a portion of its revenue to Ukrainian NGOs.