Discover Coated: Your Digital Interior Design Partner

Coated is a digital tool that allows you to explore countless interior design possibilities and transform your home into a personalized environment.

How Does Coated Work?

Coated is user-friendly and starts with uploading a photograph of the space you want to redecorate. You then select your preferred style, and Coated's advanced technology creates a virtual representation of how the room could look.

Endless Style Options

Coated offers over 11 predefined interior styles, including modern, traditional, Scandinavian, minimalist, coastal, and more. You can also describe your unique vision, and Coated will bring it to life.

Furniture and Decoration

Coated goes beyond repainting walls and flooring by furnishing and decorating the entire space. You can see your room come to life with different furniture and finishes.

Why Use Coated?

Coated allows you to experiment with interior design without any risks or expenses. It helps you make informed decisions before making real-world changes to your space.

Pros and Cons of Using Coated

Pros: eliminates guesswork, offers a wide variety of styles, allows users to see potential designs, user-friendly interface.

Cons: may not account for all real-world practicalities, final result may slightly vary.

Give Coated a Try

Visit Coated's official social media pages on Twitter and Instagram for more inspiration and explore the endless design possibilities that await you.

Remember, with Coated, your ideal home is just a virtual masterpiece away.