Complete AI

Boost Your Writing with AI Autocompletion

The Chrome extension in focus today is designed to enhance your writing experience through AI-powered text autocomplete.

Seamless Integration with ChatGPT

This extension works within the ChatGPT interface, allowing users to have more fluid conversations and generate messages faster.

Highlight Features

  • Sentence Autocompletion: The extension predicts and completes sentences for you, saving time and making writing faster.
  • Efficiency at Its Core: By reducing keystrokes, the extension increases overall productivity.

Continuous Improvement

The developers are actively refining the tool and encourage users to provide feedback for further improvement.

Take Note

To fully utilize the extension, you may need a Hugging Face GPT-2 API Key.

User Reactions

The extension has received mixed reviews, with developers addressing issues and fine-tuning based on user feedback.

Privacy-First Approach

User data will not be collected, used, or sold for other purposes, prioritizing user privacy.


This Chrome extension adds convenience and speed to writing, making it worth a try for frequent users of platforms like ChatGPT.

To add the extension, search for "AI Text Autocomplete for ChatGPT" in the Chrome Web Store.