Conch AI

Conch: The All-in-One Writing Tool

Conch is a writing tool designed to enhance the writing experience for students, researchers, and professionals. It offers a wide range of features and capabilities to help users write faster, smarter, and with greater confidence.

Features of Conch

  • Conch Analyze: Instantly answer questions and understand research with AI by chatting with any PDF.
  • Use Conch Everywhere: Try the Chrome Extension and use Conch in your favorite editor.
  • Templates: Beat writer's block by using templates to quickly get started.
  • Answer Anything: Ask Conch for instant answers without context switching or breaking your writing flow.
  • Too Long Didn't Read: Highlight and summarize hard-to-understand texts in seconds.

User Testimonials

  • "Cannot live without it. Essays used to take me days, but now they take a couple of hours! And it passes AI detectors to give me complete privacy!" - Henry W.
  • "Saving 10 hours a Week! The autocomplete sentence feature got rid of my writers' block." - Arvid
  • "I cannot imagine life before Conch, this tool has literally changed my life." - Leona C.
  • "I love painting in my free time, but I couldn't do it because essays would take up so much time. Now I regularly paint and write essays in the same day with Conch!" - Ashly L.

Choose a Plan

Conch offers different plans to suit various user needs:

  • Conch Classic: 1,000 words per month for free.
  • Conch Pro: 10,000 words per month with added features like the Chrome Extension, journal/web citation generator, and no video ads.
  • Conch Limitless: Unlimited usage for users with high-frequency writing needs.

Pros and Cons


  • Fast and efficient writing abilities
  • Privacy and security when passing AI detectors
  • User-friendly and intuitive for writers, researchers, and students
  • Offered at various price points


  • Might not work well for users who prefer manual citation and research
  • Some users might prefer more customization and control over writing enhancements