Introducing ConvoStack: The Full-Stack Framework for AI Chatbots

ConvoStack is a free and customizable AI chatbot solution for websites. It simplifies the embedding process for developers and offers a range of powerful technologies for seamless integration.

Effortless Integration

  • Embed a customizable AI ChatBot widget with just a few lines of code
  • Supports conversations in plain English with the Langchain framework
  • Add your own AI model
  • Seamless integration with popular frameworks like Pinecone DB, Express, and React

Powerful Technologies at Your Disposal

  • Leverages the LangChain open-source framework for integrating your own AI model
  • Utilizes Express.js for versatility
  • Sleek and customizable React component for frontend
  • Uses Redis for responsive chatbot conversations
  • Ensures full-stack type-safety with TypeScript
  • Efficiently retrieves and manipulates data with GraphQL

Community and Support

  • Join the ConvoStack community for help, project sharing, and contributions
  • Chat with other developers and get support on Discord
  • Contribute to the project on GitHub
  • Engage in conversations on Twitter


  • Effortless integration for developers
  • Customizable and supports popular frameworks
  • Powerful technologies for seamless implementation
  • Active open-source community for support


  • Learning curve for beginners
  • Limited customization without technical know-how