Embark on a Creative Journey with Design Sparks

In the ever-evolving world of design, staying fresh and coming up with innovative ideas is a constant challenge. Enter Design Sparks, a web-app designed to be your dependable partner in the creative process. Suitable for service and product designers, UX/UI professionals, and stakeholders alike, Design Sparks is here to provide an uninterrupted flow of creative concepts.

Customized Creative Assistance

At the heart of this platform is a versatile AI that caters to your specific design needs. Present your challenge or idea — pack it into a text input, drop in a link, or upload a pertinent PDF, and watch as the AI ignites a series of inspiring sparks. These ideas are primed for saving and will be remembered by your browser for future brainstorming sessions.

Energize Your Creative Muscles

Design Sparks is not just an idea generator; it marries established creative problem-solving techniques with advanced AI, tailoring them specifically for design-centric projects. This means that the app doesn't just offer ideas but fosters a space where your creative solutions can flourish.

Fostering Sustainable Innovation

Sustainability is no longer an option; it's a necessity. With this in mind, Design Sparks has made circular design - a concept revolving around the reduction of waste and pollution through the creation of durable, reusable, and recyclable products - a key feature. Launched at the Design for Planet Festival 2023 and developed with experts from the Design Council and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Design Sparks help you incorporate sustainable practices into your creative repertoire.

Shape Your Idea Stream

Tailor your brainstorming process with Design Sparks' customization options:

  • Focus by selecting specific topics extracted by the AI
  • Build upon unique sparks for deeper ideation
  • Sort the generated ideas by rarity, typicality, or at random
  • Employ different creative problem-solving techniques to your process
  • Refresh and revitalize your collection of sparks as needed

Intuitive Collaboration with Research-Driven AI

The National Centre for Creativity enabled by AI at Bayes Business School has developed Design Sparks to transform routine problem-solving with machine learning and AI technologies. Different from conventional chatbots, Design Sparks offers interactive prompts, curated knowledge, and built-in insights. The mission is clear: to leverage research-based AI technologies that enhance creativity within the workforce.

Supporting Development Through Partnerships

Design Sparks benefits from funding by Research England and contributions from City, University of London. Over 20 industrial partners lend their support, research, and development expertise, ensuring the tool remains cutting-edge.

Making the Connection

For those looking to delve into the capabilities of Design Sparks or seeking further information, the team can be reached at their London-based office during regular business hours. Your journey toward limitless creativity is just a message away.

Join the ranks of satisfied designers and innovators who have experienced the transformative power of Design Sparks.

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