Discover the Magic of SmartDocs: Your AI Documentation Companion

SmartDocs is an AI-powered documentation tool that transforms the way you create, manage, and share documentation. It offers features for diverse documentation needs.

Crafting Knowledge Bases with Intelligence

Build dynamic knowledge bases with neatly categorized sections and smart search functionalities.

User Manuals that Engage and Inform

Create user manuals with an intelligent Q&A feature for smooth and efficient learning.

System Design Documentation Made Easy

Share system design docs with teams and address design-related questions with an integrated Q&A bot.

Stay Updated with Release Notes

Create and share release notes and changelogs for real-time interaction with users.

Effortless FAQs Creation

Create FAQs easily with an intelligent chatbot for instant and precise answers.

Organize Your Thoughts with Personal Notes

Use a private workspace for daily jottings, to-do lists, and more with the help of an AI-powered Q&A feature.

Product Documentation That Shines

Showcase products with beautifully crafted docs and an instant answers widget.

Generate Documentation with a Click

AI auto-populates collection and pages with foundational content based on the purpose of your documentation.

Reinvent Content Creation with Page Assist

Elevate content with clarity, SEO optimization, language translation, and more with AI assistance.

Quick and Accurate Answers with "Ask a Question"

Users can type in queries and get instant, relevant answers with the "Ask a Question" functionality.

Chatbot Integration for Seamless Support

Improve support with a customizable AI-driven Q&A chatbot embedded in your site or as an iframe.

Bring in Your Existing Content

Import content from various formats and turn them into an interactive knowledge base.

A Powerful and Easy-to-Use Editor

Edit docs effortlessly with a feature-rich editor and embed content from 700+ platforms.

SmartDocs provides a seamless documentation experience with AI-powered capabilities. Start building professional-grade documentation today.