Discover the Power of FigGPT for Figma & FigJam

FigGPT is a compact plugin that revolutionizes how designers and content creators write and edit text in Figma and FigJam.

Easy Text Transformation

FigGPT allows for swift alterations to text style, length, and formatting, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

Create Your Own Custom Actions

Personalize FigGPT by crafting custom quick actions, tailoring the tool to your unique workflow for a more efficient design process.

Speak the Language of Your Audience

FigGPT offers multilingual output, enabling designers to communicate in over 40 languages and cross cultural and linguistic barriers effortlessly.

Consistent Messaging Across Designs

Maintain a uniform voice across all design elements with a global prompt suffix, ensuring brand consistency in all actions.

Magic Populate Feature

FigGPT's Magic Populate feature quickly fills designs with sample data, saving time and energy.

Bulk Editing Capability

FigGPT streamlines workflow by allowing for bulk editing of multiple text layers, accelerating design revisions and enhancing productivity.

FigGPT is a valuable assistant that empowers designers to command language and presentation nuances within their design environment. While an internet connection is required for AI functionalities, the benefits of instant multilingual support and bulk text editing are compelling for streamlining workflow.

For more details, visit the Figma Community plugin page. Remember, the magic of any design still relies on your creative touch.

Oleksandr Shevenionov provides this innovative tool, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to enhancing design workflows. Experience a new level of convenience when working with text in Figma and FigJam by checking out the plugin.