Figma Autoname

Streamline Your Design Process with Figma Autoname

Designing in Figma can be rewarding, but renaming layers can be tedious. Figma Autoname is an AI-powered plugin that simplifies this task.

On-the-spot Efficiency

Figma Autoname quickly updates layer names with a single click, saving time and allowing designers to focus on the design.

Intelligence and Respect

The plugin recognizes components and instances, ensuring they are not renamed unintentionally.

For the Community, By the Community

Figma Autoname is free and open-source, encouraging collaboration and creativity within the design community.

People Are Talking

The plugin has received positive feedback from designers, filling a gap in their workflow.

Sponsors and Support

Figma Autoname is supported by sponsors who believe in empowering designers.

In Summary

Figma Autoname is a game-changer for designers, offering convenience, speed, and smart functionality. It represents the spirit of open-source and community-driven software development.

Despite its limitations, Figma Autoname saves time, maintains consistency, and allows designers to focus on creativity.

To download and start using the plugin, visit the official repository.