Creative Imagery at Your Fingertips with DALL-E Bro for Figma and FigJam

Introducing DALL-E Bro, a plugin compatible with Figma and FigJam that uses OpenAI's DALL-E 2 algorithm to generate precise images from textual descriptions.

Image Generation Made Simple

DALL-E Bro allows you to create images by simply typing a description, with options for different sizes and variations.

Feature-Rich Prompt Builder

The plugin's Prompt Builder offers various settings to fine-tune your image prompts, including category, style, color scheme, background, composition, and object details.

Inspiring Prompts and Helpful Resources

DALL-E Bro includes pre-configured prompts and a library of custom prompts, with a mini-course on creating perfect prompts in development.

Getting Started is a Breeze

Generating images is easy with DALL-E Bro, requiring users to sign up for an OpenAI API key and enter it into the plugin settings within Figma.

Your Designs Secure and Private

DALL-E Bro prioritizes privacy and security by communicating solely with the OpenAI API and storing the API key securely within Figma's client storage.

Community and Support

DALL-E Bro is part of the Figma Community, where users can share their creative tools and assets. Support is available through


DALL-E Bro for Figma and FigJam combines user-friendly image generation with AI-powered design, ensuring privacy and security. It streamlines the creative workflow for designers and opens new possibilities in visual design.

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Feel free to join the community and explore this tool's exciting possibilities.