Fill 3D

Transform Empty Spaces into Stylish Interiors with Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is an innovative and cost-effective way to showcase properties and explore design possibilities. It allows you to fully furnish empty spaces without moving any real furniture.

Say Hello to Generative Fill in 3D

A unique platform allows you to upload a photo of an empty room and add annotations to describe the furniture you envision. Within minutes, you'll receive a photorealistic image of the room furnished to your taste.

Photorealistic and Speedy

This virtual staging solution delivers hyper-realistic results using generative fill in 3D. It accurately captures proportions and lighting, making the staged furniture appear natural. The rendering process takes under 60 seconds for most images.

Crystal Clear High Resolution

The images are rendered at the same resolution as the original photo, ensuring crisp and clear visuals. Even high-resolution images are processed in just 1-2 minutes.

Unlimited Flexibility

You can refine your design as many times as you want without any additional cost. The intuitive system gives you unlimited creative control.

Summary of Features

  • Realistic furnishing results with accurate lighting and no visual distortions.
  • Quick generation times, usually within a minute, even for high-resolution images.
  • High-definition output for clear and visually appealing images.
  • Ability to refine designs multiple times without extra charges.

While virtual staging is not a complete substitute for physical staging, it can be a valuable aid to visualization. The platform offers a chance to stage two images for free, allowing you to experience its capabilities.