Finito AI

Introducing Finito: Your Friendly AI Writing Assistant

Meet Finito, your new AI-powered writing assistant designed to help you improve your writing and productivity on your Mac or Windows computer.

What Can Finito Do?

Finito offers a range of powerful features to enhance your writing:

  • Correct Grammar
  • Idea Generation
  • Translation
  • Answering Questions

How Does Finito Work?

Using Finito is simple:

  1. Select the text in any app
  2. Summon Finito by pressing the Control Key
  3. Select a command from Finito's list
  4. Let the AI work its magic

Additional Perks

Finito offers personalization and versatility, allowing you to set your own commands and shortcuts.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Offers a range of powerful writing features
  • Allows for text translation and question-answering
  • Personalizable commands and shortcuts


  • Requires a brief learning curve for those unfamiliar with AI writing tools
  • Limited mobile availability

Ready to Try Finito?

Download Finito for free on your Mac or Windows computer and start experiencing the benefits firsthand.

With Finito, you'll always have an AI-powered assistant ready to enhance your writing in any setting.