Meet Floode: Your Personal AI Executive Assistant

Floode is a personal AI executive assistant that helps you start your day with an organized inbox and a clear mind. It acts as a virtual assistant, sorting through emails, prioritizing tasks, and even drafting responses for your approval.

Effortless Email Management

Floode streamlines your daily routine by providing daily digests of essential emails, highlighting urgent conversations, and scheduling events on your behalf.

Take Control of Your Tasks

Floode helps you stay on top of your to-dos by identifying and prioritizing high-priority tasks and organizing lower-priority messages.

Highlights of the Day

Floode provides day highlights to keep you updated on critical projects without the hassle of searching through emails.

Simple Access and Privacy

Gaining access to Floode is easy, and your data's privacy and security are a top priority with robust policies in place.

Transform Your Workday with Floode

Floode gives you back control of your time and allows you to focus on what really matters. It's not just an app; it's your partner in conquering the daily grind.

Early Access and Joining the Floode Team

If you're interested in gaining early access to Floode or joining the Floode team, reach out for more information.

Transparent Terms of Use and Privacy

All necessary information regarding terms of use and privacy is transparently provided for you to review.

Welcome to a Smarter, More Efficient Way to Work

Floode is here to redefine productivity by handling the mundane tasks so you can unleash your full potential.