Crafting User Interfaces with Formulator

Formulator is a versatile tool for creating and iterating user interfaces. It provides powerful builder tools and a drag-and-drop interface for easy design.

AI-Assisted Component Generation

Formulator incorporates AI technology to generate UI components based on your descriptions. The AI handles the creation process, and you can customize the design using Formulator's tools.

Expansive Components Library

Formulator offers an extensive library of pre-built and customizable components and UI kits. You can select and modify components on the canvas to suit your needs.

Freedom to Customize

Formulator allows you to adapt the look and feel of your components without being constrained by templates or limited modification options.

Seamless Code Export

Formulator enables you to export the HTML and CSS code for any component you've created, making it easy to integrate into your existing codebase.

Upcoming Standalone Tools

Formulator will be offering standalone tools, such as gradient generators and SVG icon customizers, to simplify routine tasks for developers.


Formulator is a flexible and efficient design tool that provides control and speed. Join the waitlist to experience its benefits and elevate your design process.