Streamline Your Meeting Experience with Foxymeets

Meetings can be challenging to navigate, especially when trying to actively engage in the conversation while also keeping track of important points. Foxymeets is a tool that revolutionizes the meeting experience by eliminating the need for note-taking.

Simple Setup and Enjoyable Meetings

Foxymeets makes it easy to connect and immerse yourself in meetings without the distraction of taking notes. It seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar and allows for hassle-free connection.

Unrestricted Meeting Lengths

Foxymeets has no limits on meeting length, allowing you to fully focus on lengthy discussions while the tool captures all important information.

Personalized Access and Discounts

Foxymeets accommodates teams of all sizes and offers exclusive discounts for larger teams. Summaries are customized to condense meeting content effectively, and pricing is transparent and scalable.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

FoxyMeets has a fair refund policy for unused meeting hours and welcomes feedback and bug reports from customers.

Starting with Foxymeets

Signing up for Foxymeets is as simple as providing your email. A team member will contact you with next steps and a special discount. If you have any questions, the team is just an email away.


Foxymeets streamlines meetings by handling note-taking, allowing for full participation without missing important information. With its ease of use, unlimited meeting lengths, and commitment to user convenience, Foxymeets can transform your professional gatherings.