Free Chat with ChatGPT on Mobile

Introducing Sider: Your Personal AI Assistant

Meet Sider, a digital companion powered by advanced AI that can assist you with various tasks and interactions.

Features That Make Sider Stand Out

Sider responds quickly using the latest AI technology, engages in meaningful conversations, and can emulate historical figures or fictional characters.

Your AI Sidekick, Everywhere

Sider is accessible on multiple platforms, including browsers, Mac OS, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Sider's Array of Tools

Sider offers a suite of tools for chat, image processing, writing assistance, and reading aids.

How to Get Sider?

Sider is available for free download on various platforms and browsers.


Consider the confidentiality of discussions and dependence on technology when using Sider.

Additional Information

Visit the official website for details on downloading, pricing, and customer service.


Sider is an AI assistant that can enhance personal and professional aspects of your life with its unique abilities and features.