Unleash the Power of LLMs with Freeplay's Public Beta

Freeplay is a breakthrough platform in its public beta phase that transforms how product teams work with large language models (LLMs). It offers control, prototyping, testing, and optimization features.

Prototype Like a Pro

Freeplay handles prompts, LLM experimentation, and algorithm testing. It allows prompt management, versioning, and restoration, result tracking and comparison, and testing of different LLMs.

Ship with Certainty

Freeplay includes features for automated testing, instant AI evaluations, human labeling jobs, and curation of test cases to ensure reliability and verification.

Move Your Metrics

Freeplay provides insights for monitoring and refining performance, including observation of environmental interactions, balancing quality and cost, incorporating AI and human feedback, and continuous improvement.

Built for Team Collaboration

Freeplay has an easy-to-navigate user interface for collaboration on prompts, tests, and labeling. It offers developer SDKs and deployment options for compliance requirements and best practices.

Unleash Your Team’s Potential

With Freeplay, teams can monitor environments, assess prompt cost and latency issues, self-host for control, and work collaboratively across departments.

What the Community Thinks

Industry leaders praise Freeplay for its ability to experiment and refine AI models, facilitate rigorous testing and iteration, provide confidence, and offer flexibility for designers.

Stay Updated

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Freeplay is a service provided by 228 Labs Inc., 2023.