Generative Design

Revolutionizing Residential Design with Maket

In the world of architectural design, innovation is a must. Maket is a generative AI tool that transforms residential planning from the early stages to final conceptualization.

Maket's Features

  • Automated generation of custom residential floorplans
  • A vast array of design styles
  • Expert guidance on materials, costs, and design possibilities
  • Simplified navigation of zoning codes and regulations

Unleash Creativity with Design Freedom

Maket's suite of tools allows users to explore and modify design elements to create their unique vision.

Make Informed Decisions with Expert Guidance

Maket serves as a virtual assistant, providing guidance on materials, costs, and design options.

Maket simplifies the challenge of zoning regulations by providing instant answers to zoning queries.

Why Choose Maket?

Maket offers a holistic and supportive environment, streamlining the entire design process and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Maket's Plan Generator?
  • Can Maket assist with exploring interior and exterior styles?
  • How do you get design information from Maket?
  • What is the Regulatory Assistant?
  • Does Maket cover both design and regulatory aspects?

Maket revolutionizes residential design by providing a comprehensive and AI-powered solution for designers and architects. It offers unlimited design possibilities and real-time collaboration.

To start revolutionizing your workflow, try Maket on multiple operating systems and browsers.