Discover GeniePM: Your Next-Level Project Management Companion

GeniePM is a top-tier project management application that simplifies and enhances the project management process. With its mAIgic technology, GeniePM allows you to create detailed user stories and use cases, improving your team's project execution.

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GeniePM simplifies your workflow with effortless creation of user stories and use cases, bypassing traditional processes. Its intuitive interface and powerful AI make the planning to action journey smoother.

Enhance Project Execution with Advanced Features

GeniePM offers crafted features such as comprehensive user stories, sub-task generation, platform integration with tools like JIRA and Azure DevOps, and collaborative teamwork to strengthen team cooperation.

Choose a Pricing Plan That Fits Your Needs

GeniePM offers flexible pricing options with a Pro Plan for individual professionals and a Teams Plan for teams. Both plans include unlimited projects, ticket edits, sub-issues, export options, and live support.

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Satisfied users have praised GeniePM as a "game-changer" in project management and claim it has made project management a breeze.

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Leading global companies have put their trust in GeniePM. By choosing GeniePM, you're elevating your entire project execution experience.

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