GPT-3 Anywhere

Introducing GPT-3 Anywhere Extension for Chrome

In the digital age, the way we interact with websites is continually evolving. Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence, we now have tools that can enhance our web experience by assisting with text inputs. One such innovation is the GPT-3 Anywhere extension, which integrates the capabilities of OpenAI's API into your Chrome browser.

GPT-3 at Your Fingertips

The GPT-3 Anywhere extension is designed to make the power of AI accessible on any website that allows text input. Whether you're composing a blog post or filling out online forms, GPT-3 can lend you a helping hand.

How to Use It

The tool is user-friendly, operating with a simple command structure. To invoke the extension, you simply type /g followed by your prompt, and then /s to submit the prompt for a completion.

Customization and Control

The GPT-3 Anywhere extension allows you to adjust settings such as temperature, maximum response length, and stop sequences, giving you control over the AI's responses.

API Key Requirement

In order to use the extension, you'll need to secure an API key from OpenAI. You can sign up for an account and obtain your API key through OpenAI's platform.

Data Privacy Assurance

GPT-3 Anywhere ensures that collected data is not sold to third parties and is only used within the scope of the extension's core functionality. The developers have made this clear in their privacy policy.

Seeking Support

If you encounter any issues or need assistance with the extension, a support hub is available for your concerns.

More Than an Extension

The Chrome Web Store also features similar AI-driven tools like Origin by GPTZero and Walles.AI, offering additional functionalities for text inputs.


The GPT-3 Anywhere Chrome extension brings the sophistication of OpenAI's AI models directly into your browser, offering a versatile and intuitive tool for enhancing your text inputs across various web platforms.