GPT for Slides

A Quick Guide to MagicSlides: Turning Ideas into Presentations Effortlessly

Discover how MagicSlides can help you create professional presentations quickly and easily.

Getting Started

Install the MagicSlides app from the Google Workspace Marketplace and start crafting your first presentation.

Crafting Your First AI-Assisted Presentation

Access MagicSlides through Google Slides and let the AI generate slides based on a topic or summarize lengthy texts.

Transferring Slides

Efficiently translate your Google Slides into Microsoft PowerPoint format for seamless use across different platforms.

Pricing and Features

MagicSlides is a free tool with features like multilingual support, web scraping, integration with Wikipedia, and AI-driven image and chart creation.


MagicSlides is a valuable addition to your productivity tools, offering fast and free presentation creation with a simple setup process.


  • Fast and free presentation creation
  • Simple setup process
  • Support for multiple languages and content types
  • Export options to PowerPoint


  • May require a stable internet connection for optimal performance
  • Limited to Google Slides and PowerPoint interoperability