Discover a New Way to Polish Your English Writing

Gramara is an advanced AI-powered grammar checker that goes beyond traditional grammar checking. It helps users achieve fluency and clarity in their language.

Writing in English Made Simple

Gramara is a user-friendly and free tool that quickly identifies incorrect or unsuitable words in your sentences and suggests improved alternatives that sound more natural.

More Than Grammar Corrections

Gramara enhances your overall diction and style, helping you write with the fluency of a native speaker.

Adaptable to Your Writing Style

Gramara provides options to cater to different writing styles and tones, ensuring the final output aligns with your original intention.

Language Translation for Global Users

Gramara enables translation of corrected sentences to the user's native language, supporting non-native English speakers in understanding English grammar and usage.

Instant Fluency and Clarity

Gramara offers immediate improvement in writing fluently and with clarity, with no steep learning curve or complex settings.

Start Writing with Confidence

Gramara is a comprehensive writing assistant that is free to use, allowing users to enhance their writing skills for personal growth, professional communication, or academic purposes.


  • AI-powered, advanced grammar and style corrections.
  • Free to use with an emphasis on fluency and clarity.
  • Adaptable to various writing styles and tones.
  • Auto-highlight feature for awkward or incorrect wording.
  • Translation feature for better understanding by non-native speakers.


  • Dependence on internet connectivity for real-time assistance.
  • May not capture the nuances of highly creative or idiosyncratic writing styles.

With Gramara, expressing yourself clearly and effectively in English is made easier. Empower yourself with the confidence to write better English instantly and share your thoughts with precision and finesse.