GrammarGuru: Your Digital Writing Assistant

In the digital age, written communication holds immense significance, whether it's crafting an enchanting book, articulating an academic essay, planning educational lessons, or simply drafting professional emails. GrammarGuru is a multifaceted tool designed to refine and enhance your writing, fulfilling a variety of needs for writers, students, educators, and professionals alike.

Features to Elevate Your Writing

  • Generate: Get writing prompts and excerpts to kickstart your creativity.
  • Improve: Enhance spelling, grammar, punctuation, descriptiveness, and tone.
  • Feedback: Assess your writing's quality, descriptiveness, complexity, conciseness, tone, and pace.

Real-Life Success Stories

Users from different sectors have praised the effectiveness of GrammarGuru. Todd Motto, from Ultimate Courses, used it to create ebooks. Aveney Ramen, a teacher, saved time and effort with lesson plans and classroom materials.

Flexible and Budget-Friendly Pricing

GrammarGuru offers accessible pricing plans:

  • Pro Plan: £12/mo with a 14-day free trial, includes all features.
  • Basic Plan: £8/mo, with limited access to features.

Tailored for Businesses

GrammarGuru provides an AI toolkit for businesses to enhance employee productivity, with exclusive tools, support, and comprehensive writing options.

Why Choose GrammarGuru

Created by founders with experience in software engineering, public speaking, authoring, and education, GrammarGuru is designed to support and inspire change in people's lives through better writing.

Get Started with GrammarGuru

Try GrammarGuru with a 14-day free trial on the Pro Plan. No credit card details required. Visit their website for more details and connect on social platforms for writing tips and news.

Pros and Cons of GrammarGuru


  • Variety of features for generating, improving, and receiving feedback on writing.
  • Free trial available with no need for credit card information.
  • Tailored options for individual users and businesses.
  • User testimonials suggest high satisfaction.
  • Helpful for a wide range of writing tasks.


  • Monthly subscription may not suit all budgets.
  • Full access to all features requires the more expensive Pro Plan.
  • Limited access under the Basic Plan may not meet the needs of all users.