HomeDecor AI

HomeDecorAI: Your Affordable Solution for Designing Spaces

HomeDecorAI offers homeowners a modern and innovative approach to design their living spaces with the help of advanced AI technology. With HomeDecorAI, you can transform the look of your home without the steep costs and time commitment associated with traditional design services.

Reinvent Your Living Spaces with Intelligent Design

HomeDecorAI provides AI-powered design tools that allow you to easily redesign your spaces. The AI can tackle complex design elements and provide a premium decor makeover in seconds. You can replace or remove items from your photos with the easy-to-navigate interface. The 'Inspire Me' function generates dream house designs tailored to your taste. The tool also offers image enhancement features and effortless editing options.

Flexible and Cost-Effective Pricing Plans

HomeDecorAI offers a popular monthly plan for $12 USD, which includes unlimited workspaces, high-quality design generations, object detection and removal, image enhancement and storage, and download options for favorite designs. There is also an annual plan for $120 USD, which includes all the benefits of the monthly plan and two months of free service.

FAQ Corner for Seamless Experience

The FAQ section provides information on refunds and costs, secure payments, and subscription management. Refunds are not available due to the high cost of producing AI-based photos. HomeDecorAI uses Stripe for secure payment processing and does not retain card details. Subscribers have the freedom to manage their subscriptions through the customer portal.

Start Your Design Journey

HomeDecorAI encourages homeowners to take control of their space and skip the hassle and expense of hiring a designer. With immediate results and a user-friendly interface, designing your dream home has never been simpler or more enjoyable.

For assistance or further inquiries, consult the Support documentation. Explore the Pricing details for more information. Please review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for your knowledge and safety.