Discover Hummingbird: The AI Assistant for macOS Users

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, Hummingbird emerges as a distinguished assistant tailored for macOS users, facilitating a smarter and more efficient user experience. Designed for simplicity and speed, this native application is a testament to convenience blended with powerful AI capabilities.

Core Features

Web Browsing Simplified

Hummingbird reads content directly from URLs to provide summaries, answer questions, perform research, and help with writing references.

Real-Time Search Excellence

The assistant ensures access to updated information, utilizing the latest knowledge sources for real-time queries.

Personalization at Its Best

Users can fully customize the response instructions, language, temperature settings, and even the model according to their preferences.

What's New

Updates include support for macOS 10.13 and newer, compatibility with more AI providers, improved markdown results, and the introduction of code highlighting. User interface refinements and stability improvements have also been made.

Availability and Pricing

Hummingbird is available for an early bird price of $10 and supports both Mac Silicon and Mac Intel.

Coming Soon

Hummingbird will soon be released for Windows and Ubuntu platforms.


Hummingbird is a lightweight, customizable, and efficient assistant for macOS users. It simplifies web browsing, offers real-time search, and allows for personalization. Updates and future releases ensure the tool remains cutting-edge.

Download Hummingbird for macOS to experience the transformation in managing your digital tasks with an AI-powered edge.