InputAI – Chat

Discover the Power of Personalized AI Conversations

A groundbreaking tool that uses advanced AI technology to create personalized and engaging bot conversations.

Dynamic and Versatile AI Bots

Utilizes GPT-4 to create highly intelligent bots with various functionalities:

  • Celebrity-style Interaction
  • Professional Paraphrasing
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Productivity Tools

Easy Access And User-Friendly Interface

Frictionless sign-in process with a demo video available for newcomers.

Privacy and Terms

Privacy policy and terms and conditions ensure user privacy is respected.

Join the Community

A rapidly growing community of over 10,000 users providing valuable feedback to refine the AI's capabilities.

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

Limitations in grasping context and nuance compared to humans, and output quality depends on input quality.


This AI-powered tool offers personalized bots for various purposes, representing a significant leap forward in virtual communication.