Introducing Kombai AI-Powered UI Coding Tool

Kombai is a revolutionary new tool designed to make frontend development efficient and enjoyable. It uses cutting-edge AI technology to generate high-quality UI code from design files, saving developers time and effort.

Say Goodbye to Mundane UI Coding

Kombai can handle buttons, inputs, select boxes, and complex business logic with ease. It offers logical div-structures, React components, flexible CSS layouts, and high-quality JS code.

How Does Kombai Work?

Kombai uses logical div-structures and human-like class and component names to make code readable and maintainable. It generates appropriate CSS properties and alignments, and form elements are generated as functional components.

Pros and Cons of Kombai

Pros: Drastically reduces time spent on writing styles and frontend code, quick translation of design files into high-quality UI code, maintainable and understandable code, high-quality JS code generation.

Cons: Limited to chromium-based desktop browsers, not compatible with mobile browsers yet.

Kombai Goes the Extra Mile

Kombai's "design prompt engineering" feature allows users to fine-tune the output code to meet specific needs.


Kombai accelerates frontend development, allowing developers to focus on complex aspects and creating exceptional user experiences. Visit Kombai's website to learn more and watch a demo.

If you're a frontend developer looking to automate and expedite UI coding, give Kombai a try.